Who is required to complete an annual Financial Sub-certification?

Generally, collegiate units are required to have sub-certifications signed by Deans and Senior Fiscal Officers (Business Officers).

Auxiliary units’ sub-certifications will be signed by Vice-Presidents, Directors and Senior Fiscal Officers (Business Officers).

Review our Certification List of individuals by unit.

Certifiers by Unit


Central Administration Vice President Directors/Fiscal Officer
01 Office of the President N/A Nate Robinson
02 Office of the Provost Don Szeszycki Suzanne Stratton
04 VP Research John Keller Ann Ricketts
05 VP Finance and Operations1    see below
06 VP General Counsel Carroll Reasoner N/A
09 VP Univ Relations N/A Pam Myers


Academic Dean Senior Fiscal Officer
11 College Lib Arts and Sciences Raul Curto (Associate Dean, on behalf of outgoing Dean Chaden Dialali) Erin Herting
12 College of Business Admin Sara Gardial Joyce Ruplinger
13 College of Dentistry David Johnsen Scott Arneson
14 College of Education Daniel Clay Emily Campbell
15 College of Engineering Alec Scranton April Tippett
16 College of Law Kevin Washburn Gordon Tribbey
17 College of Medicine Brooks Jackson Mark Henrichs, Jason Haddy
18 College of Nursing Julie Zerwic Cheri Arneson
19 College of Pharmacy Donald Letendre Bill Wise
20 College of Public Health Edith Parker Lori Cranston
21 Institute for Clinical/Translational Science Patricia Winokur Nicholas Johnson
29 Graduate College John Keller Donna Welter
30/39 Summer Session/Continuing Educ Tanya Uden-Holman Deanna Green (+Anne Zalenski)
33 Library John Culshaw Mark Erlandson
35 University College Tanya Uden-Holman Suzanne Stratton


Auxiliary Vice President/Director Senior Fiscal Officer/Directors
08 Athletics Gary Barta Greg Davies
40 Oakdale Campus John Keller Ann Ricketts, Joseph Elder
43 Information Technology Service Steve Fleagle Lori Smith
49 Student Life Melissa Shivers Scott Seagren, David Grady, Brad Bridges, Elaine Davis, Shelly Squier, V. Stange, D. Braun
90 University Hygienic Lab John Keller Ann Ricketts, Joseph Elder


UI Hospitals & Clinics    
03, 65, 70-89, 93, 94 UI Hospitals & Clinic Brooks Jackson Bradley Haws, Mark Henrichs, Jason Haddy


1 Finance & Operations Vice President Senior Fiscal Officers/Directors
Human Resources Cheryl Reardon Joan Troester, Kevin Ward, Terri Hein, Daniel Schropp
Facilities Management Donald Guckert Lynne Finn, D. Heater, Sadie Greiner, Glen Mowery
Business Managers Office   David Kieft
Business Services Debby Zumbach Carol Iles, Josey Bathke, Jim Sayre
Financial Management & Budget Susan Klatt Cathy Hagen, Laurie Textor
Public Safety Scott Beckner N/A
Treasury Operations Cynthia Bartels Sara Jedlicka, Marty Miller