AFR Financial Applications Security Management

Security management for Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR) applications is administered through Financial Systems Tools (FST) in Self Service. These applications include:

  • Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) portal - Transaction Detail Reports (TDR), Summary Reports, Dashboards & Grant Reports                                                                          
  • General Ledger DSS (GL DSS) Reports
  • Financial Systems Tools (FST)
  • Request for GL Chartfields & WhoKeys
  • WhoKey Administration
  • PayCV
  • WebCV
  • GL Journal Entry (GLJE)

The links below provide additional background information, FST application usage for security management and a diagram that explains how the security model works.

Business Officer Summary of Financial Security Model (FSM) Announcement (November 2018)

GLDSS Secondary Security Administrators Announcement of New Security Management (November 2018)

Campus Announcement of New Security Management (November 2018)

Financial Systems Tools (FST) campus user guide

Financial Systems Tools (FST) Business Officer user guide addendum

Financial Security Model Diagram

Financial Systems & Applications List and How to Get Access