AFR Financial Applications Security Management

Security management for Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR) applications is administered through Financial Systems Tools (FST) in Self Service. These applications include:

  • Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) Portal - Transaction Detail Reports (TDR), Summary Reports, Dashboards, GL Reports & Grant Reports
  • Financial Systems Tools (FST)
  • Request for GL Chartfields & WhoKeys
  • WhoKey Administration
  • PayCV
  • WebCV
  • GL Journal Entry (GLJE)
  • Cumulative Compensation (CumComp)

The links below provide additional background information, FST application usage for security management and a diagram that explains how the security model works.

Financial Systems Tools (FST) campus user manual

Financial System Tools (FST) Business Officer user manual addendum

Financial Security Model Diagram

Financial Systems & Applications List and How to Get Access