What is the formal sub-certification document that needs to be completed and signed?

This is the annual Financial Sub-certification (pdf) document which must be reviewed, completed and signed by Deans, VPs, Directors and Senior Fiscal Officers.  It is expected that this document be submitted via email by September 15th of each year for the previous fiscal year.

For each sub-certification question, we have identified specific related policies which units are required to comply with in order to appropriately answer each question. Furthermore, for each question, we have provided a list of specific training/resource links to learn more about compliance with the specific topic. Finally, each question contains a list of control documents. Control documents, the existence of which indicates that a unit is compliant with the related policies. Units may have other control documents which are not on this list.

We also encourage you to review the FSC Discussion Document. The purpose of this document is to provide some “conversation starters” by addressing topics which are relevant to each question. They are intended as reference material for your own internal planning and consideration and are not a part of the Financial Sub-certification document required to be submitted to central administration. Finally, the Discussion Document is not intended to cover all relevant areas related to each specific FSC question.