University of Iowa Records Management

February 11, 2015

Message to HR Unit Reps and Budget Officers:

The University of Iowa Records Management website ( has been updated to include revised records retention schedules for the following official record categories:

  • Banking and Investments (updated 02/2015)  
  • Contracts, Real Estate and Leasing (updated 02/2015)
  • Inventions, Patents and Research Agreements (updated 02/2015)  
  • Personnel, Human Resources and Recruitment (updated 02/2015)  
  • Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Travel (updated 02/2015)  

Units/departments should begin using these revised retention schedules for any of these official record types that are used/created/maintained as part of the unit’s normal business operations, beginning effective February, 2015.  Please share with others in your area who may be responsible for official records retention and maintenance.  Contact Suzanne Hilleman ( if you have questions about this information. 

Please note:  revisions to other official record categories will be on-going and similar email updates will be sent to you as they are completed.  Thank you for your assistance.

The University of Iowa Records Management Committee

Susan Klatt, Finance and Operations/University Secretary
Carroll Reasoner, Office of the General Counsel
Don Szeszycki, Office of the Provost
Jane Drews, Information Technology Services – Security Office
David McCartney, University Archives
Suzanne Hilleman, Financial Management and Budget   

Selina Martin