Unidentified Incoming Payments

April 9, 2018

Business Officers & Department Administrators,

On a quarterly basis, Treasury Operations distributes a list of unidentified ACH and wire transfer receipts in the central holding accounts to Departmental Administrators and Business Officers. 

Two lists are attached. Please review these lists and compare them to your internal record of outstanding departmental receivables.  If you can claim any of these receipts, follow the procedure for “Claiming Payments from the Holding Account” published at

  • The first list (FY2017 Unclaimed Receipts 3.31.18) includes funds received through June 30, 2017. Since these transactions were received in a prior fiscal year, a General Ledger Journal Entry (using GLJE application) must be completed instead of a WebCV entry when moving the funds to your departmental MFK.  

  • The second list (FY2018 Unclaimed Receipts 3.31.18) includes funds received through December 31, 2017 and can be claimed through WebCV.

Any transactions related to a fund 500/510 MFK must be completed by Grant Accounting; please contact Chris Huber (chris-huber@uiowa.edu). If you unsure if a payment belongs to your department, details which may have accompanied the transaction are available within the G/L.

To help ensure incoming funds are properly identified and credited to your designated departmental MFK, please complete the Notification of Incoming Electronic Payment in the SMART system (http://treasury.fo.uiowa.edu/incoming-ach-and-wire-payments). For recurring payments, please email treasury-achwires@uiowa.edu for assistance.

Sara Jedlicka, Director

Investments, Banking & Trust Operations

University of Iowa Treasury Operations

7 Jessup Hall, Iowa City, Iowa  52242

Phone: 319.335.2724 / Fax: 319.335.3678