Unannounced Cash Handling Visits - Memo to Business Officers & Cash Handling Control Managers

April 17, 2017

Primary & Secondary Business Officers and Local Cash Handling Control Managers,


As I announced at the last Quarterly Business Officers Meeting, Accounting & Financial Reporting will be initiating unannounced cash handling site visits during the last week in April.  The purpose of these visits will be:


  • To help bring awareness of cash handling functions and importance of strong internal controls
  • To determine that roles in documented procedures are consistent with staff performing the role
  • To verify that each staff member involved in the process is current on cash handling training
  • To verify that each staff member involved in the process understands his/her role in the procedure

Members of the AFR Cash & Investments team will introduce themselves and explain the nature of their visit.  They will ask to speak with a person within each cash handling role and request to be walked through processes.  Any variances from the approved documented procedures will be discussed with the Cash Handling Control Manager and the C&I team will explain how to correct the variances.

A post-visit report out will be sent to:


  • Associate Controller
  • Primary Business Officer
  • Local Cash Handling Control Manager

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these visits.



Selina Martin