Retroactive Accounting Only Journal Entries

October 1, 2015

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University of Iowa Human Resources



We are excited to announce that beginning October 1st, 2015 retroactive accounting change of status entries initiated through the HR Transaction System and which had previously been processed through the monthly accounting journals will be processed nightly.  The new salary journal is ONESALARY and the corresponding fringe journal is ONEFRINGE. 

  • As with biweekly and monthly payroll, transactions will be posted in summary to the General Ledger by MFK. The journal transactions will be included in the daily TDR/SA3 and GLDSS online summary reports the following day as well as the data warehouse GLDSS daily load. 
  • Pay and fringe details will be included in the online PayCV application by person, MFK, job code and pay group after the nightly processing. 
  • Cumulative compensation DSS reports and data warehouse tables will include these transactions in the regular monthly process.

Thank you to the AFR Financial Systems Team and Information Management-Human Resources for their diligent efforts in the implementation of this process improvement.  We hope that you benefit from the more timely posting of these transactions.   Please share this information with your staff as appropriate.

Terri Hein