Reporting Tools Advisory Committee


Selina Martin, F&O (Committee Chair)

April Tippett, College of Engineering
Bill Wise, College of Pharmacy
Cheri Arneson, College of Nursing
Deanna Green, Division of Continuing Education
Emily Campbell, College of Education
Jane Malaby, Division of Student Life
Jeffrey Donoghue, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joyce Ruplinger, Tippie College of Business
Nate Kooi, UI Health Care 
Sarah Dricken, State Hygienic Lab
Audra Haddy, F&O - Grant Accounting
Cathy Hagen, F&O - Budget Development 
Ben Dudley, F&O - FBIS 
Hans Hoerschelman, F&O - FBIS
Carolyn Gritton, F&O - Accounting & Financial Reporting
Lan Ma, F&O - Accounting & Financial Reporting
Steve Romont, F&O - Accounting & Financial Reporting