Leadership Awards: Partners in Progress - Team Award

March 4, 2019

Business Officers – Please read the email below from Cheryl Reardon regarding nominations for HR leadership awards.  I want to bring your attention to the 3rd award -- the Partners in Progress Team Award which is sponsored by University HR and the Office of the CFO and is awarded to a team comprised of individuals from HR & business roles.  As such, I encourage all of you to read more about this and nominate teams which meet the award criteria.  Also, please feel free to forward this email to other administrators in your units as appropriate. 

  1. Nomination instructions and award criteria are published at https://hr.uiowa.edu/campus-hr-conference/award-nominations.
  2. Deadline for submitting nominations is March 22, 2019.
  3. Award winners will be announced on April 30th at the 2019 HR & Business Conference (https://hrandbusiness.centerforconferences.uiowa.edu/).

Thanks, Selina



TO:                        Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers

FROM:                  Cheryl Reardon, Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice President

RE:                       University HR Seeks Nominations for 2019 HR Leadership Awards

DATE:                   March 4, 2019

University Human Resources is once again sponsoring HR Leadership awards as part of an ongoing effort to develop, promote, and advance Human Resources Leadership across the campus.

Nominations are now being accepted for these three awards:

  1. Outstanding HR Business Partner Award (Individual Award)
  2. Outstanding Strategic HR Business Partner Award (Individual Award)
  3. Partners in Progress Award (New Team Award)

The annual awards will recognize HR leaders across campus who function as strategic business partners, demonstrate key HR leadership competencies, and serve as role models for other HR professionals. They must be known for providing outstanding service, exemplary leadership, strategic vision and commitment to continuous development that advances the importance of the HR function in creating long-term value.

Nomination instructions and award criteria are available HERE.  Deadline for submitting nominations for all three awards is March 22, 2019.  Awards winners will be announced on April 30 at the 2019 HR & Business Conference.

If you would like assistance in preparing the nomination form, please contact Karen Shemanski at Karen-shemanski@uiowa.edu or 335-5091.