Institutional Roles Application - do you need additional roles?

September 17, 2014

Good Afternoon,

One of the topics at the next Budget Officer’s meeting is the Institutional Roles application.  We will provide an overview of the existing roles, definitions, dependencies with other applications, transactions, etc.  I would like to get some input from you now on the need for additional roles.  It has become evident that some units have a need for additional roles and in the absence of them, they are simply over-using the existing Role Administrator and Administrative Assistant roles.  An example is the need to add Accountant/Finance Staff as a role within the Budget Officers category.  This is especially true (but not limited to) units that are using a central service center type approach to serving their departments.  We have also heard that additional roles are needed in the Research Administrators category.  

Please answer the following questions:

1. What additional role(s) do you believe should be added to the Institutional Roles application?
2. Explain why the role(s) should be added & how it will be used.

Please reply by September 30th with any input you may have.  At the October Budget Officers meeting, I will let you know the result of this survey. 

Selina Martin