Changes to IACT Mapping on TDR, SA3 and MS Reports

April 20, 2016

Budget Officers, Account Owners & Account Reviewers:

I’d like to inform you of changes to the mapping of certain institutional accounts (IACTs) beginning July 1, 2016 (FY17).  The IACTs below which are currently reported in the General Expense section, will be reported in the Salary & Fringe section of the Transaction Detail Report (TDR) and certain GLDSS reports (SA3 and MS reports). This change will result in consistency of reporting between EFR Reports (TDR & Summary Reports) and GLDSS reports.  Again, this will only impact reporting beginning with FY17 & going forward – there is no impact to historical reports.  There is also no impact to the budget process for these IACTs. 

  •  5905  Wages Non Stdt Faculty
  •  5910  Wages Non Stdt Prof Regular
  •  5911  Wages Non Stdt Prof Sched Hrly
  •  5915  Wages Non Stdt Prof Extra Comp
  •  5920  Wages Non Stdt Prof Other
  •  5925  Wages Non Stdt Merit Regular
  •  5930  Wages Non Stdt Merit Overtime
  •  5935  Wages Non Stdt Merit Other
  •  5940  Wages Student Regular
  •  5941  Wages Student Regular Overtime
  •  5942  Wages Student State Work Study
  •  5943  Wages Stdt Fed COM Srv Work St
  •  5944  Wages St Fed Read Tutor Wrk St
  •  5945  Wages Stdt Federal Work Study
  •  5946  Wages Student CWSP Overtime
  •  5955  Fringe Ben Wages Non Stdt Fac
  •  5960  Fringe Ben Wages Non Stdt Prof
  •  5965  Fringe Wages Non Stdt Merit
  •  5970  Fringe Ben Wages Stdt Regular
  •  5975  Fringe Ben Wages Stdt CWSP
  •  5976  Fringe Benefits Athletics SHIP
  •  5980  COBRA benefits-dept funded
  •  5981  AffordCareAct ben-dept funded
  •  5982  Professional and Non Med Serv
  •  5983  Fringe Prof and Non Med Serv
  •  5984  Consultant Services
  •  5985  Fringe Ben Consultant Services
  •  5999  Salary Overpayments

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Thank you,

Selina Martin